CDL registration

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In accordance with federal rules, a CDL operator is qualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle in Texas if they:

  • Are at least 21 years old.
  • Can read and speak English enough to talk with the general public, to grasp highway traffic signals and signs, to reply to official inquiries, and to make reports and records.
  • Are physically certified to drive a commercial motor vehicle.
  • Have a currently legitimate commercial motor vehicle operator’s license issued by only one state.
  • Have given their employer an inventory of violations or the certificates as required
  • Aren’t disqualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle
  • Have successfully passed a driver’s road examination and related knowledge tests and have been issued a commercial driver’s license by the state of Texas

CDL Practice Test

As with any license, obtaining a CDL can be a challenging endeavor, but we’re here to help! While the exact questions you will encounter on test day are not made public by the DMV, our CDL practice test will give you a feel for the test material, level of difficulty, and types of questions you will encounter when you take the actual exam.

Air Brakes Test

You need to take the Air Brakes test if you plan on driving a truck or bus equipped with air brakes. The test covers parts of both dual and single air brake systems, including when they are used, normal and abnormal findings, and troubleshooting. The Air Brakes test is unique because, unlike the endorsement tests, passing does not earn you a positive mark on your license. Rather, if you fail the test or do not take the skills test in a vehicle that uses air brakes, your license will be marked with an “air brakes restriction”. This section has a road test component that must be passed in addition to the written portion.

Very important How to take a test:

The system have requirements you have to pass all test with 90% the order the test are The latest Air Brakes Training Online English, you have to pass with 90%.